Convert slot port to round

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Re: Convert round to slot ports It's gonna be a long, shallow box, but I havn't had a chance to figure some dimentions yet. It would probabl be better to figure for a 3 or 4 inch square port, to reduce port length.

circle to slot port conversion? - circle to slot port conversion? - I have a speaker box design that sounds great and has a circular port, but I am about to rebuild this box so it will fit into my new car and would rather have the port be a slot port... I do not want to redesign the entire box, I just want to make this small change. round port area to slot port area - Subwoofers ...

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Sep 02, 2010 · Square and Round ports are the best you can use, the further off your ratio of a Rectangular port, the more likely for port noise, and the more the tuning is going to be off from what the port calculators calculate (considering there is more square inches of port wall given a set amount of port area in a rectangular with a ratio of 1:9 than a